T-Mobile News

October 19, 2009

While it’s not listed in the prepaid section of the website, T-Mobile FlexPay is prepaid in nature. It has the two most important aspects of prepaid service: no contract and no credit check. The draw of FlexPay is that customers can have a normal T-Mobile postpaid plan, but prepay for it. This allows the use of smartphones and other advanced services — in theory. In practice, that can get expensive. Most prepaid customers, therefore, will not use smartphones. That’s true, but only if things remain the same. A new T-Mobile program could change that notion.
Rumors have circulated over the past week regarding T-Mobile’s Project Dark (or Project Black, depending on who says it). It’s supposed to be T-Mobile’s big splash, their charge to move out of the No. 4 spot in America. The plan is to:
Offer the fastest possible service with 21Mbps 3G coverage.
Offer the latest and best smartphones, including the new BlackBerry 9700 and a couple of Android devices (and, of course, more to come).
Offer the cheapest service plan: $50 for unlimited everything.
This started as a rumor, but publications like Boy Genius Report have confirmed different aspects throughout the week. Over the weekend, they confirmed another aspect that could have a big impact on prepaid customers.
FlexPay is included in Project Dark. The problem is how FlexPay customers will afford these high-end handsets, which can cost $500 or more. T-Mobile’s plan: to offer financing for FlexPay customers. That way, FlexPay customers can get a brand new, top of the line phone, an affordable $50 service plan, and superb coverage without signing a contract. It’s the high-end of prepaid.
Chances are T-Mobile will make an announcement this week, and we’ll have all the details. This certainly could open up a whole new world for prepaid customers — especially those on other $50 unlimited plans.


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