BlackBerry Bluetooh Watch

October 20, 2009

Mock up

Mock up

RIM is to release an official BlackBerry Bluetooth watch, that will alert you whenever you get calls and texts

Published on Aug 19, 2009

RIM has confirmed that it’s bringing a BlackBerry-compatible Bluetooth watch to market.

However, unlike LG’s Watch Phone, which also comes with a hefty £1000 RRP, the BlackBerry watch isn’t a phone at all, just an accessory to complement your BlackBerry handset.

As such, we imagine it’ll have very similar functionality to the Sony Ericsson MBW-200 Bluetooth watch we had a look at back in June.

That is, it’ll alert you whenever you get calls or texts with a discreet vibrate that won’t draw the stares or glares of nearby people, even if you’re in the cinema.

RIM has also revealed that it’s going to release a BlackBerry Bluetooth headset, that will use noise reduction technology and come in a sleek black chrome casing.

Here is the latest snapshot courtesy of CrackBerry.com



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