BlackBerry Shortcuts

June 4, 2010

Here are some BlackBerry shortcuts that I have used and I hope you find them useful as well.

Shift and space – to enter a ‘/’ in the web address field
Space – to enter a period in the web address field
a – to add a bookmark
Enter – to follow a link
g – to bring up the Start/Go to… page
h – to load the home page
i – to zoom in on a web page
j – to turn on support for JavaScript
k – to open the bookmark list
l – to view the web page address for a link
o – to zoom out on a web page
p – to view the web page address for the current page
r – to refresh a web page
s – to open the browser options
shift and space – to move up a screen
u – to hide/view the banner
y – to view a list of recently visited web pages
z – to switch between Column view and Page view
b – to move to the bottom of the web page
f – to find keywords in the current page
space – to move down a screen
t – to move to the top of the web page

If you have any other shortcuts please feel free to let me know.


.586 Leaked for the BlackBerry 9700

March 30, 2010

Well .586 was just leaked for the 9700 so if you want copy and paste the link provided to download you the latest leaked OS.

Copy and paste this link into your browser > http://rapidshare.com/files/369740301/9700M_PBr5.0.0_rel994_PL5.1.0.146_A5.0.0.586.exe


9700 OS Updated to and BBM to

March 24, 2010

Well I haven’t had to time to play with either update but i will amend this post when I do to let you know what I find different on both leaks.

I also included a link to download the .566 os (just copy and place in your browser) below.



BlackBerry OS

March 14, 2010

BlackBerry OS

Well I have loaded this os on my 9700 and I don’t see much of a difference from .536. Besides the lock feature not working the old way everyone should just get use to the simple process of just pressing “ALT+ENTER” if you have the password set, if not the lock button at the top of the device will just lock the keyboard. Battery life is pretty darn good considering I have quite a few app running in the background. Again battery life is based on an individual’s usages. UMA connectivity with .545 is definitely stronger. I was having some issues with .536 not locking onto and keeping UMA connections. That seems to be resolved with .545.


BlackBerry OS

March 6, 2010


Well I loaded this new .536 yesterday and I have to say this is the best OS build for the 9700 to date. I have no issues with any of my 3rd party app but i have heard people having issues with a few 3rd party apps but none of them I have personally. The Lock button on top is now functioning as a combination of stand-by and keypad lock. The usual Lock icon on your BlackBerry menu has became “Password Lock”, which functions as the old fashion combination of keypad and password lock. In addition, the password auto-lock feature after amount of x minutes still works as it was designed to be like before .536 was leaked.
The mute button now only does its only job to mute the mic while in phone mode or playing music/video.The speed of the browser is on par with the .442/.497 I was running earlier just without the java folder swap as well as it being a stable build. Load this OS when you get a chance on your 9700 and I’m sure you’ll love it!

Here is a link to the .536 OS just copy and paste. http://rapidshare.com/files/359857553/9700M_PBr5.0.0_rel907_PL5.1.0.138_A5.0.0.536.exe


BlackBerry 8900

February 27, 2010

I loaded .509 on my 8900 and all seems to be working well with the limited time i tested it. I have heard of some issues with the standby and lock not working properly but as of now I have had no issues with this os.


Link to Java_442_497

February 27, 2010

Please use the link below for the java folder to run the hybrid .442/.497 on your 9700.

I added somethings to suit my needs but you can tailor it to your needs as well.